Anser (11)

Anzo (11)

Arcade (11)

Artesia (9)

Astoria (11)

Atlantis (15)

Baguette (10)

Baguette LM (11)

Contour (9)

Curve (9)

Eco Baguette (9)

Elegance (8)

Ingres (7)

Opera (8)

Ruban (9)

Sonate (10)

X-Lo (13)

Flatware Accessories (6)

Welcome to our Flatware collection by Eternum, where high-quality stainless steel meets versatile design. From sleek and modern to timeless classics, our Flatware Collection offers an array of patterns, accessories, and styles to fit a wide variety of budgetary needs. Explore the art of table setting with our exceptional flatware, elevating every meal with a touch of sophistication and enduring quality."