Bonna China

Bonna China

Calif (31)

Luca Mosaic Matte (16)

Luca Ocean Matte (14)

Luca Salmon Matte (21)

Luna Ocean (10)

Luna (10)

Odette (18)

Sway (16)

Viento (17)

Notte (17)

Patera (29)

Patera Denim (3)

Alhambra (28)

Madera (23)

Mar (12)

Tierra (7)

Pink Pott Bowl (5)

Terra Pott Bowl (5)

Blue Wave (8)

Gaia (11)

Sage (13)

Sand (13)

Sky (13)

Sapphire (11)

Coral (10)

Shade (9)

Retro (45)

Grain (38)

Space (41)

Terrain (40)

Terracota (42)

Aqua (43)

Therapy (41)

Dusk (39)

Banquet (30)

Loop (17)

Gourmet (32)

Moove (10)

Vago (7)

Oven (1)

Bonna China

Experience the pinnacle of innovation and durability with Bonna Dinnerware. Tailored specifically for the demanding environment of the food service industry, each piece is constructed to withstand the challenges of commercial kitchens and rigorous service cycles. Our collection encompasses a vast array of patterns and designs, from the pristine simplicity of pure white to intricate and sophisticated motifs. Yet, the true magic lies in their versatility; mix and match any design across venues to create a dining experience that's both unique and harmonious. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Bonna dinnerware stands out for its unbeatable quality-to-price ratio. When you choose Bonna, you're investing in high-caliber craftsmanship at value driven prices. Elevate your dining setting with the trusted choice of professionals.